Separatore Moderna


How was the multi-purpose area for the enrichment of the artistic and cultural heritage of Piacenza born ? Pietro Casella, President of Formec Biffi, has always shown his love for sculpture and painting, and even his Company in San Rocco al Porto, surrounded by a green park, includes many contemporary artworks : « I fully believe » says the entrepreneur « that firms play an important role in promoting and spreading culture. I'm thinking about the role of many entrepreneurs' foundations for culture and arts. In a time when profit seems to be the main key for success, the goal of my initiative is not earning money but commitment to continuous improving, research for quality, and cultural innovation.
We need to combine tradition with modernity, this is one of today's main challenges.

We must be entrepreneurs of culture, getting to know the entirety in its universal value. We need to enhance , ennoble and spread knowledge of the Biffi brand, even with cultural marketing strategies.


Caffe Biffi

This area is a story of passion : a challenge to the future without forgetting the best of our past. We will be winners in this challenge if we put into practice our ability in promoting culture, and getting a national awareness with « Biffi per l'arte ». Pietro Casella wanted to give his contribution to culture «Biffi means culture too ».
In the historical Café in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, inaugurated in 1867, « Biffi » was the place where artists and intellectuals used to meet, a place that looked like a symbol for Milan at that time.
It was right at those elegant tables that many different intellectuals used to talk : from Verga to Toscanini. In the Galleria, Marinetti Balla and Depero introduced the Futurist movement. At Biffi's, even Quasimodo and Hemingway used to meet.
The most prominent people in the world of culture stopped over the Galleria: Arnoldo Mondadori, Giorgio De Chirico, Igor Stravinsky, Eugenio Montale could taste Biffi's specialties in a time that is far away but that was great for creativity.
«This is another reason why » says Casella « I wanted to support and I still want to give my contribution to cultural and art initiatives ».

Via Chiapponi

Biffi Arte, located at the entrance floor of Palazzo Marazzani Visconti, winds through Piazza S. Antonino and the oldest Basilica of the town, displaying five big windows along Via Chiapponi. Situated on two floors, this area contains a contemporary and modern art gallery, Sala Biffi, an institutional area dedicated to Biffi brand and an important room downstairs, mainly focused on photography and arts videos.

Via Chiapponi Interno

The restoration has been followed by Architect Carlo Scagnelli. The entrance is through a big bronze door, like a great dream, made by the sculptor Giorgio Milani. It shows the symbols of the artistic powers and has been carved with unique types, a return to words and sounds, to the sun and the moon. When restoring those rooms in Palazzo Marazzani Visconti, we chose to give the walls all the warmth and the taste of history. Those walls had been deprived of the ancient splendor for ages, but recovering materials and colors, enhancing the space with their big volumes, that is the actual heritage, we avoided any mediation or mimetism. The entirety of the building is guaranteed through natural and artificial lights with a system made of sliding lights along grey tracks.
The chromatic scale of the rooms, with ancient oak floors, is dominated by white color and conveys a peaceful atmosphere, that is necessary when observing the works of art.

Spazio Moderna 1

Spazio Moderna 2

Spazio Moderna 3


Biffi Arte Moderna e Contemporanea is the exhibition area located in Palazzo Marazzani Visconti, arranging exhibitions of renown and emerging artists.
Six rooms, three facing with big windows and the ancient Via Chiapponi, create a path until the underground striking room dedicated to photography and videos ; it even joins Biffi room enriched with a multimedia wall made of monitors showing videos of the current exhibitions. Apart from having a wide collection of artists monographs, the Gallery provides the catalogues of the exhibitions, with a particular focus on the publishing.
The gallerist Ms. Leda Calza, with her renown experience in the previous art galleries and typographies management, arranges a schedule with national and international artists ; in Piacenza, she hosts collective and personal works of artists such as: Afro, Alfieri a., Azuma K., Barbieri F., Berte' C., Bofanti A., Casali A., Coletta P., Cuschera S., Della Torre E., Dorazio P., Izumi O., Lawrence F., Martini S., Marca-Relli C.,Mosconi L., Nangeroni c., Nivola, Savelli A., Scarpitta S., Scialoja T., Strckfus L., Valentini, W, Xerra W; in this way, she creates a place of continuous meetings and exchange, not only for collectors or art lovers, but also for neophytes approaching the world of art.

Finally, the windows facing Via Chiapponi were necessarily redesigned : they were shaped according to the frieze-transom of the entrance door in the Square.
Great project commitment has been dedicated to restoration of the rooms below, an area twisting and turning in a fluid and fascinating path, between the different sections of the gallery : there you can find installation pictures of video-art, laboratories of media-design and some performances in that ancient curved room called « nevaio » [ice room], full of suggestion and charm.
Biffi Arte Moderna e Contemporanea is the exhibition area located in Palazzo Marazzani Visconti, arranging exhibitions of renown and emerging artists.